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Manaul wafer type wcb knife gate valve

Manaul wafer type wcb knife gate valve

    Paquete: Generally our products are packed by cartons or plywood case as per exporting standard. It has good cushioning performance, high strength and corrosion resistance. If you have some special requirements, please let me know.
    Marca: JKTL
    Lugar de origen: Hebei, China (Mainland)

Información básica

Modelo: Gate Valve

Descripción del producto

Manaul wafer type wcb knife gate valve

Product Parameter

Knife Gate Valve Model:

The knife gate valve is truly a high performance knife gate valve design. This valve provides zero leakage

bi-directional shut-off, has mechanically retained seal, has a compact non-rising stem design, and can be

repacked in service under full pressure. The chest and seating areas of the valve are self-cleaning. The

reduced chest area, minimal gate arc, and contoured flushing corners in the body prevent jamming by

eliminating material build-up in the chest, body and seating area. The gate seals against a combination

metal and resilient seat and is guided for the full stroke length of the valve. The top transverse seal is

repackable while in service under full pressure. The valve is tested and rated for zero leakage (liquid or

gas) downstream and to atmosphere.


Compare these unique features:

1. Transverse seal eliminates stuffing box and permits repacking under full pressure and without system


2. Mechanically retained resilient seat provides dual metal-to-metal and resilient seating for zero leakage

bi-directional shut-off from absolute vacuum to rated valve pressure.

3. Bi-directional design. Gate is guided and supported for smooth operation throughout the entire stroke

with flow in both directions.

4. Contoured interior body promotes flushing action to prevent build-up of process media in the seating


5. Solid steel or stailess steel topworks provide maximum strength to prevent damage due to operator

abuse or vibrating conditions.

6. Non-rising stem design saves space and reduces stem nut repair problems.

ISO 9001: 2008/PED-Annex III (Mod H)


Valve A B C D E F G H J Knpt L M N O P
2" 1.97 1.87 4.75 6 5/8" 12.91 5.9 1/4" 16.18 4"
3" 3.15 2 6 7.5 5/8" 14.09 7.87 1/4" 17.95 4"
4" 3.94 2 7.5 9 5/8" 16.18 7.87 1/4" 21.06 4" 0.78 4
6" 5.9 2.25 9.5 11 3/4" 20.7 11.81 19.8 11.5 1/4" 12 27.48 6" 0.87 4
8" 7.84 2.75 11.75 13.5 3/4" 23.85 11.81 22.96 11.5 1/4" 12 32.59 6" 1.12 4
10" 9.87 2.75 14.25 16 7/8" 27.4 11.81 26.52 11.5 1/4" 16 39.56 8" 0.75 8
12" 11.81 3 17 19 7/8" 31.18 15.75 31.2 14.75 3/8" 16 44.76 8" 0.83 8
14" 13.78 3 18.75 21 1" 35.55 15.75 34.18 14.75 3/8" 18 52.28 10" 0.78 8
16" 15.75 3.5 21.25 23.5 1" 38.77 15.75 38.86 14.75 3/8" 18 57.48 10" 0.9 8
18" 17.72 3.5 22.75 25 1-1/8" 44.33 14.75 3/8" 18 62.9 12" 0.78 12
20" 19.68 4.5 25 27.5 1-1/8" 44.27 16.75 3/4" 24 72.37 14" 1.18 12
24" 23.62 4.5 29.5 32 1-1/4" 56.42 23.5 3/4" 24 84.5 16" 1.02 12



1. Solid 316 ss cast lugged body

2. 316 ss hard chrome finished gate

3. Aflas seals standard

4. Phenolic Scraper Blades Standard

5. 2-36 size

6. TAPPI & MSS-SP81 Face-to-face

7. 150 psi CWP design

8. 2-12 150 psi shut-off

9. 14-36 90 psi shut-off

10. Higher pressure ratings available

11. Other body, gate, scraper and seal materials available

12. All styles of actuators available

It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of tough slurry, chemical and dry material handling

applications. Typical applications include, but are not limited to, Pulp Stock, Air Conveyed Fly Ash and

Cement, Waste Water, Abrasive Slurry and Sludge. These valves are successfully applied in the Pulp

& Paper, Mining, Power, Steel, Municipal, Automotive, Chemical and Bulk Handling Industries. There are

applications for the VS product in virtually all industries.

It combines rugged construction with time-tested design features found in no other knife gate valve. If you

are experiencing knife gate valve failures, try a precision-built Wey Knife Gate Valve. You will wish all of

your knife gate valves were Wey High Performance Knife Gate Valves.


Actuator Options Accessories:



Square drive nut

Manual bevel gear

Pneumatic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Electric actuator

Note: Consult factory for details



Solenoid  Lock-out

Mechanical limit switches  Position indication scale

Proximity switches  OSHA yoke guard

Ni-hard wear ring  Scale cutter

Pneumatic positioner  Weyotine shear cutter

Electronic positioner  Powder-Pac option

V-Port insert


Size and Dimensions:

For optional Cylinder sizes and dimensions, consult the factory.

K = Cylinder Port Size 4" - 12" typ. Sistag Cyl.

N = Cylinder Diameter not actual outside dimension.

Note: Standard Cylinders are shown (other sizes are available).

O = Depth of Blind Tapped Holes in Valve.

P = Number of Blind Tapped Holes in Valve.


Bevel Gears (3:1) are recommended for 6"-10" Valves.

Bevel Gears (4:1) are recommended for 12"-20" Valves.

Bevel Gears (6:1) are recommended for 24" and larger Valves.

Consult factory for special applications.

Packaging & Shipping

We use high quality plywood wooden case packing which avoid fumigation. It have good cushioning

performance, high strength, and corrosion resistance. The use of foam film cover the valve better to

protect the valve body and fixing wooden cases is the final step.

1. Inner packing: opp bag, then carton box for each product.
2. Outer packing: export standard carton, Foam outside protecting the goods against damage.
3. Usually we ship your order by sea or by air.
4. We do our best to ship your order within 1 week after receiving your payment.
5. We'll tell you the tracking number once your order has been sent.
6. We accept T/T Bank transfer, L/C, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal.

Our Services

1. Our products have ten years warranty.

2. We have certification of ISO, and according to the rules of ANSI, we can get the ANSI certification.

3. Please feel free to call us if you have any query about the product. Professional answers will be

given to you in any time!

4. Any products you want will come to you! If you have any request, satisfying answer will reach

you from our professional team and research staff ASAP.

5. All the products can be customized!

Company Information


Hebei Tongli automatic control valve manufacturing Co., Ltd. which was founded in 1995. The

company is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, production, and sales, through

development and innovation for 20 years, research, production and sales of professional committed

to the heating valve.

The company covers an area of 58000 square meters, 510 employees including 280 engineering

and technical personnel. The marketing team of 180 sales of the elite 90 people, the company has

international advancedtesting equipment 30 sets, 400 sets of CNC machine tools, products structure,

the heating valve products as the leading factor, provides a full range of HVAC system design and

installation, debugging program.

The company has passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 quality system, the two time the license

of special equipment, the people's Republic of China occupational health and safety management

system certification,environmental management system certification.



Development Path

Contact Us



Wuzhong Instrument Co., Ltd.

 Wuzhong Instrument Co. Ltd. es la empresa de fabricación de válvulas y controles más importante de China. Nuestra amplia oferta de productos de control de flujo incluye válvulas de control, válvulas de bola, válvula de bola segmentada, válvulas de mariposa excéntricas dobles y triples y válvulas especiales.

Información de Empresa

  • Nombre de empresa: Wuzhong Instrument Co., Ltd.
  • Producto / Servicio: Válvula de control , Válvula de mariposa , Válvula de bola , Válvula especial , Válvula excéntrica rotativa , Accesorios de válvulas
  • Persona de Contacto: Mr. Ma
  • Número de Teléfono: 86-953-2239025
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